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Founded in 1993 as a provider for Asian goods, COWM is now a leading provider for restaurants, retail grocers and food service operators across all food categories in the Midwest.

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The Most Complete Line of Asian Foods

Are you struggling to find a reliable food distributor in Chicago, Illinois? Do you want a local food supplier that can offer nearly 24/7 customer service and deliveries six days per week? Not to mention a diverse product catalog of over 2,500 products? If so, COWM has experience as a quality wholesale food supplier for hundreds of businesses in the Chicago area.

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Chicago’s Best Food Distributor

What makes COWM Chicago’s best food distributor? In addition to our high-quality food sourcing, flexible & 6 days a week delivery times, and nearly round-the-clock customer service, we offer the kind of delivery that caters to your every need.

We offer full service delivery. Do you want your food to be stacked on shelves in your restaurant’s kitchen? Not a problem.
Need food organized based on different criteria and then positioned in specific areas? COWM can make it happen every time. Contact us and become a customer today!

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The Wholesale Partner that Businesses Trust

Restaurants, supermarkets, professional kitchens, caterers, bakeries, hotels, and many other food-related businesses trust COWM to provide on-time deliveries and superb customer service.

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Give your clients the best

Whether it be fresh produce, meats, seafood or canned/dried food, we can provide your business with all the products you need, when you need them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the ordering process work?

    Step 1) Create an account. Step 2) Curate your custom list of products. Step 3) Add items to your cart and submit your order request. We will then confirm your order, and fulfill based on your preference.

  • How long does a delivery take to arrive?

    For Chicagoland customers, you can place an order as late as 11:59 PM and get next-day delivery.

  • Which days do you make deliveries?

    We make deliveries Monday through Saturday. To find out exactly which days we deliver to your area, create an account and use our zip code lookup tool.

  • When can I reach your customer service department?

    You can reach our customer service agents at virtually any time of day or night (except between Saturday at 6 PM and Sunday at 2 PM).

  • What is your delivery process like?

    We use food-grade vehicles with refrigerator units to keep your products cool and fresh. Our vehicles are cleaned daily. Finally, all our drivers go the extra mile to deliver products exactly where the customer wants them.