Asian Food Distributor
in Milwaukee, WI

Diverse & large product catalog

Your go-to one stop shop for all asian products. We have the most complete line of Asian foods that we source from all over the world.

Accessible & highly flexible

24/7 customer service, 6 day a week delivery with a large geographic range.

Full service deliveries

We put all groceries and goods on your shelf delivery, or load it into your truck.

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Wholesale Asian Foods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

COWM currently serves Downtown, Eastside, Riverwest, as well as the whole of Milwaukee County. If your business is in need of quality Asian food distribution (or more general and specialty foods), COWM can offer 3,000+ products that can be delivered right to your door. As an added bonus, our drivers are trained to help unload food with care and place it according to your precise instructions. So, if this sounds like the kind of service you want and need.

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Reliable & Trusted Food Distributor in Milwaukee

Do you own a restaurant or business that requires fresh produce on a regular basis? Are you located in the larger Milwaukee County area? If so, COWM can offer exceptional service and food delivery whenever you need it. Our customer service operates at most times of day or night, while our Milwaukee deliveries run six days a week. If you are looking to change food distributors and improve the quality of your wholesale food delivery, COWM is the best choice for Milwaukee business owners.

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COWM is the go-to wholesale Asian food distributor in Milwaukee, WI with:


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Whether it be fresh produce, meats, seafood or canned/dried food, we can provide your restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I see the product selection available in Milwaukee?

    You can easily navigate to our Catalog page to get an overview of all of our available products in your area. From there, you can simply select the category and specific products you need!

  • Does COWM offer wholesale food distribution to all of Milwaukee?

    Yes. COWM offers our wholesale food delivery to the greater Milwaukee County, from South Milwaukee to Glendale.

  • Do you have a local delivery network in Milwaukee?

    No, we do not outsource any of our deliveries to local vendors or providers. We make all of our deliveries using in-house drivers, vehicles, and resources.

  • Do you have a Milwaukee sales rep?

    Yes, COWM has a sales representative who services the larger Milwaukee area.